POSITIONED TO WIN - 2 1/2 Steps to Personal Positioning.

If you do nothing else, do this. It Starts with You.

Only do 2 1/2 Steps to Personal Positioning

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"Positioned to Win" 2 1/2 Steps to Personal Positioning

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  • Why People Are Successful? Learn about Positioning
  • Change Your Own Position
  • The Difference Between Goals & Opportunities

When I came Back from Vegas and I had to start from scratch. No Degree, no Resume, no Track Record. Working for my Father... Times were Tough.

That was 1980. I Made $212

By 1983 I had convinced a company to move me to California, which led to me getting to 6 figures, which led to me getting stock, which led to becoming the first millionaire in my family.

How did I do it? I learned how to Position myself.

Could have been a fluke, but since then, I have helped others do the same.

Now You can Learn How.

  • Entrepreneurs and Consultants who are not happy with where they are in their Business.
  • People who want to find a genuine "shortcut" to success in their career
  • Professionals that want to "stand out" to get promoted and make more money but can't seem to find out how.
  • Business Owners that feel overwhelmed by the competition who can afford to pay more in advertising.
  • People looking for the fastest way to have a real breakthrough perhaps through a career change or a pivot inside an industry.

2 1/2 Steps to Personal Positioning is a Bonus Webinar of our Program "Positioned to Win" (Currently in BETA)

But we think it is such a cornerstone that we are offering people to attend only THIS one which is going to get them started in the path to success.

You will get on Demand Access, watch it and rewatch it.

What are Students Saying About "Positioned to Win"?

Can you survive your original assumptions of business to find a way to really make money?”

John Paul Mendocha, Fortune 50 Turnaround Consultant and Entrepreneur